About Us


Al-Raya United was incorporated as a real estate development and investment company to lend support to economic development witnessed by Kuwait and the region and to participate in the revitalization of the real estate and investment sectors by means of generating robust dynamic opportunities consistent with market situation.

Al-Raya United is also working on improving the concept of real estate development and religious tourism, and simplifying the investment language of the financial services, products and opportunities, as well as promoting the knowledge of its investors to enable them analyze and identify the best investment opportunities that impose its existence in light of global, regional and local developments.

Al-Raya United has worked on realizing a strong and reliable reputation, where it offered several successful opportunities that reflected its robust vision and successful overall strategy for all investment opportunities it has been launching.

On this basis, Al-Raya United perceived the importance of making a contribution, by means of launching distinctive projects that are completely different than what is being presented currently, the matter which would enrich the region with the necessary viable projects.

Al-Raya United was established with the purpose of targeting the tourism, religious and family real estate sector and working on providing a comprehensive and integrated range of real estate and investment services and products, in the implementation of our clients and investors aspiration.

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